A Life Changing Tokyo Worship Seminar Becomes Word Conference

A Life Changing Tokyo Worship Seminar Becomes Word Conference

Tokyo Word Conference 2016 For Trailer

The Tokyo Worship Seminar was fantastic. The best to spend a couple days during Golden Week is to get under the anointed teaching of the Word of God.

Six of the Victory team met following the meeting and talked about how things went. Everyone was very happy and blessed by the meeting. Special thanks to Pastor Koji, Mariko, and Spencer for making the time to encourage us with the Word of God. More thanks are due for the people who led us into Worship in the Victory Band, the AV team who managed the sound and recorded the sessions so we could watch the sessions again.

We heard the anointed Word of God preached in Japanese and English. We heard the Word from seasoned ministers Pastors Mariko, Koji, and Spencer. We heard messages on how to worship, being baptized in the Holy Spirit, How to be a True Worshipper of God, and YPI>YGO (what you YOU PUT IN, is what YOU GET OUT). People were able to immerse themselves in the Word of God and get a word from the Father.

IMG_8148Many children went forward to receive prayer and in one session, Pastor Koji prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit for every kid in the place that wanted and nearly everyone in the place received the Baptism. Even many teenagers and youth received the Baptism. Hallelujah!

Good News
We decided unanimously that we’re going to do the event. Also, Pastor said he felt that we should call the event “Word Conference”.

We’re very excited about what God is doing through the Word Conference and get ready to help change lives here in our wonderful nation of Japan. God is doing great things!

Watch the sessions now on Vimeo here or Youtube here.

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