How Big Is My God? How Big Is My Faith?

How Big Is My God? How Big Is My Faith?

The virus threat that has swept the world, has not spared Japan. It has been reported that over 100 people have now died from the virus. It’s serious (but remember around 3,400 people died of the flu in Japan last season). The media has stirred the fear of people each day with their negative reports and the lack of a medical science solution (vaccine) feeds that concern. The announcements in the train and supermarkets keep reminding us to beware.

As a pastor, this has been a very difficult time .Our decisions affect our family, our churches, and our neighborhoods. As I have taught so many times, the opposite force of fear is faith. By faith you and I please God (Hebrews 11:6). That means not giving in to fear and trusting God. As one Tokyo CEO said this week, “This is the time that you can see what leadership are made of. Are they the wheat or the chaff?”

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ went about teaching, preaching, and healing (Matthew 9:35). If the Lord Jesus stood with us in the flesh today during this global pandemic, what would He do? Would he lock Himself away, wear a mask, and avoid people? Based on what our Lord Jesus does in the Bible, I believe He would speak to the sickness and command it to leave. After all, He spoke to the wind, the waves, the demons, fever, leprosy, blindness, the deaf, and people were freed from the trouble. Praise God! Speak to the trouble, don’t give in to it.

One of the biggest things that brings glory to God is when the sick, diseased, and injured get healed. Healing happens when we walk by faith. If we want out church to grow, we need to pray for the sick and let the world see the power of God.

What Are We Believers in Japan to Do?
I believe we are to do what Jesus would do. After much prayer over the last two weeks, I have concluded that I will not cower in fear of sickness or anything else. I will obey the laws of my land as my upmost priority is the family of God. When the laws of the land conflict with the Word of God, I go with the Word of God knowing human laws will just change again. The miracles of the Bible continue in the generations of those who believe. I chose to believe God and live in fear.

Sunday Worship
We don’t know when the virus threats will die down. We do know that our God is bigger. I will not get sick because my faith is bigger than sickness and disease. If the government outlaws church services, then we may have to rethink what we are doing. However, the Bible commands believers to not forsake coming together (Hebrews 10:25). I will uphold the Word.

Every Sunday, I will be at Victory Place Sengendai ready to worship before 11am. We will stream the services life. We will not pressure people to come to service just as we encourage people to give their tithes and offerings freely and cheerfully. If you want to come, please come. If you aren’t comfortable, it’s fine. Join us via live stream. We welcome you.

My prayer is whatever trouble we go through, when we get to the end we know that we have pleased God because we have acted in faith. See you Sunday!

Much Love,
Pastor Spencer

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