Red Or Blue- Leading People To Jesus

Red Or Blue- Leading People To Jesus

Good Ground!

Pastor Spencer preached an eye opening message about sharing Jesus with people in our Tokyo church (Victory Place Sengendai Building). He shared about the four types of ground conditions of the hearts of people as the Lord Jesus taught in the parable of the sower in Mark 4:1-8. The four conditions of the heart are

  1. Seed by that fell by the wayside- those who outright reject the Gospel and eternal life
  2. Seed that fell on the stony ground- those who accept the Gospel, but quickly fall away and die spiritually
  3. Seed that fell among the thorns- those who accept Jesus but are choked out by the things of this world.. money, fame, relationships
  4. Seed that fell on good ground- those who accept the Gospel and embrace it fully. That’s you and I!

Pastor highlighted that it’s easy for us to share the Word of God and the Gospel with the people around us. Our job is to plant the seed, the growth and results are the responsibility of the receiver, the hearer.

As a Spirit-filled Christian, the Holy Spirit will lead us in how to deal with people. Many are red and ripe like a fruit that just falls off the vine into our hands. Others are still green, or in Japanese blue, and need time. Our job is to plant the see of the gospel in their lives. Are you telling people about Jesus? Tell Someone About Jesus (TSAJ) today!

You can watch the message in Japanese (with a bit of English) here

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