Should I Be Going To Church On Sunday Or Wednesday?

Should I Be Going To Church On Sunday Or Wednesday?

The world has certainly been exciting recently. Our call to bring hope, peace, love, and joy is something only we can do. Sickness, shortages, quarantines, and fear is pumped out daily by the media, our neighbors, and even various governments. Wait a minute. How bad is this?

How Bad Is The Corona Virus?
The world has about 4.5 billion people. If we can trust the reports, there are currently about 209,839 people considered ‘infected’ with the flu like Corona Virus. So far it is reported that there have been 8,778 deaths. Governments have shut down businesses, declared states of emergencies, and many airlines, tourist businesses, and others are losing money every day. This virus threat has turned the lives of people around the globe upside down. Many churches have closed down their services and/or pushed everyone to online streaming.

The Corona virus is real. However, not many of us know anyone who actually have it. If we do a quick calculation, without the healing power of Jesus Christ, the chances we have of getting infected with this sickness currently is .00004663%. Not even 1/10 of 1%!


At the current rate, you may have a hard time getting infected. Especially, if you are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. Sickness and disease are not yours. In fact, strong faith people are immune to sickness by the blood of JESUS! The virus fears are your chance to share JESUS with your friends and neighbors.

We believe in obeying the laws of the land. We shall do so. The only thing higher than the laws of the land is the WORD of GOD. Rather than just following the crowds of cancellation. We refuse to close the doors of the House of GOD. God tells us not to forsake gathering together as a church in Hebrews 10:25. We will worship God regardless of the fears floating around us. We are Christians, we are of strong faith, and we live long and healthy lives! Praise God!

People may think we’re different for not hiding away in our homes but heading to God’s house. No worries! They already think we’re extreme. Extremely blessed, extremely happy, extremely healthy, and extremely filled with His peace.

Victory Word Church will be open Sundays and Wednesdays to lift the name of Jesus! We will never stop praying, praising, and showing the power and glory of God to the lost around us! This is our chance to show the world, the ALMIGHTY GOD!

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