Your Faith Will Heal You

Your Faith Will Heal You

This week, the theme of the message was on Strong Faith. 

Pastor Spencer had focused on the story of the Woman who had been continuously bleeding, and had been seeking healing. While looking at both of these stories in Matthew and Luke, we began to pull apart the passages to completely understand the story.

“This woman, had been bleeding, for twelve years, seeking the various helps of doctors and specialists. Yet, she had never given up, and had believed that she will be healed. She had strong FAITH and had believed that if she goes after Jesus and just touch him, that she will receive her healing.. and pushed through the crowd in order to touch Jesus.

And, when she had pushed through with all her might with her strong faith fueling her, she had received her healing. Jesus had said, “Your faith has healed you. Strong faith will heal you.

Not only is this limited to her and this time, but this is something that is still available today.

Lets believe, seek, and pray.

What a wonderful God we serve. Hallelujah!

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