Praise the Name of Jesus!

Victory Word Center is growing!  People are receiving Jesus, we have regular baptisms of 8-10 people, people are going deeper with God, and the Victory family is leading many people into God’s marvelous light every week.  There’s no church like Victory!

We started in a living room as a kid’s ministry, then moved to a rented room in a community center, and first got our own rented space back in 2006.  We spend nearly 3m yen to build out that place in someone else’s building.  In 2012, we moved to a new place to cut our rental costs and save our money for the vision God has for VWC.

Victory will be buying land and building our first facility.  Why?  We want to have a place dedicated to the Lord that we will be able to use freely and continue to build up people to be able to fight the good fight of faith.

What’s The Purpose Of A Victory Word Center facility?

Pastor had a vision in December 2015 about Victory.  Victory will be a leading church in building up the church of Jesus Christ around Japan and teaching people how to live with strong faith.  We will build our own building so that we can better teach the Word and spread the great news about Jesus on every available voice (video, audio, internet, printed/publishing, music, visiting churches, and much more)

The new church building will house our worship center, classrooms, an international school for children, a two-year Bible school, a publishing company, a music ministry, a VWC ministry office, a missions office, and guest rooms for short term international guest Bible teachers.  As the ministry expands, we will add a recording studio for aspiring artists, and a gym so people can exercise and take good care of their temple (their body).  Who knows, we may even have a climbing wall!

Pastor Spencer’s December Vision

In the vision Pastor saw in 2015, the facility will be a community center and safe haven for people to come to.  Pastor Spencer especially saw many youth coming and receiving good counsel and encouragement.  Children will find refuge and guidance from the Lord in this place.

Sengendai will be our base for reaching people for Jesus!  Many existing churches will be encouraged and built up by the strong faith family and ministers that arise in VWC.  Even more churches will be founded throughout Japan through the hundreds of leaders that be raised up through Victory.  People will learn to walk by faith and not by sight and no longer be bound by religious traditions.

A Church Of Thousands

In 2006, Victory members first heard prophecies that the church would be a church of thousands.  Those prophecies have been repeated multiple times by people unware of the original word but confirming God’s plans for VWC.

Many new churches will be birthed out of VWC and many hurting churches will be built up, encouraged, and filled with the faith that pleases God (Hebrews 11:6)

Jesus is coming back soon!  There is no time to waste.  We must focus on knowing Jesus and making Him known.  Victory will manage our resources and expand our influence of sharing Jesus and how to walk by faith with the people of our nation.

Those who commit themselves to building this church of Jesus Christ shall increase spiritually, mentally, financially, and be blessed by the growing ministry of VWC.  Their relationships shall be blessed and families will prosper in all ways.  The new building will mean jobs for teachers, musicians, pastors, administrators, editors, and others related to the operations of the ministry.  The area around Victory facilities will prosper economically because Victory members are so financially blessed.  Families will move to the area just so they can be near the church and it’s facilities.  The area will flourish and many businesses will come to the area and have their best business as the hand of the Lord is on the Victory family.

Get ready for great things.  Build your faith by feeding on the Word every day.  Test God in your giving and expect a return.  Train up your family in the ways of our Lord Jesus.  You will never be the same.  This is only the beginning!

Please pray for Victory

…to find the perfect property near the station

…for favor in the eyes of the seller to get the property at a better than good price

…a reliable and creative building company

…the best video, sound and other equipment

…for wisdom in building out the facility

…that more people will come to Jesus through our church family