Everyone needs to reset and re-charge their spiritual batteries. We live in a high tension, confused world, that is desperately in need of leadership that knows God and how to hear His voice. The world needs champions for Jesus.
You are invited to come and join a bunch of passionate Jesus people in the mountains of Nikko for a powerful couple days of refreshing in October. Come join the inaugural Champions Camp where you can-

  • Enjoy a couple days to gather with other Jesus people
  • Go deeper in your relationship with the Almighty Father God.
  • Strengthen yourself to know God and life a victorious daily life

Sept 5-7 2024 (Thurs to Sat)

All inclusive 30,000 for meals and room (Thur to Sat)
Please bring bath-towel and hand towel (not provided)
Transport to/from site not included

Sign Up
Secure your spot HERE.

Opening (Thurs, 5 Sept)
6PM Dinner
730PM Opening Meeting

12PM (Sat 7 Sept)

Ample parking at site
Bus available for station with advanced arrangements with venue.

日光オリーブの里 (Olive No Sato Hot Springs)
〒321-2427 栃木県 日光市 佐下部 368
Tel.0288-21-7693 / Fax.0288-21-7699

Invite a friend! Special price for married couples.