After you have met Jesus one of the key things all Christians are to do is, to get baptized. That means go to some river, pool or even bathtub where we can show God we are committed to Him and a part of His family. We’re excited to give people a chance to do just that, this Sunday 24 Sept.

Join us at Victory Place Building at 11am. Following the service, we will be moving to a Christian Kindergarten for the water baptisms. If you have already been baptized, let’s support our new sisters and brothers in Jesus. Also, please let your friends who have not been water baptized know about this opportunity. Let’s all support our new Jesus family members.

Following the service we’ll have some free time to swim in the pool. Yahoo! Going to be fun

What to bring-
Swimming suit
Plain t-shirt if you’re getting baptized. (Zero to little branding or writing is ideal)
Optional change of clothes if you like