Five Ways To Change Japan For Jesus

Five Ways To Change Japan For Jesus

 Many missionaries and Christian leaders say that Japan is a difficult place and write it off spiritually as if there is no hope.   I don't believe it.


5 Ways To Change Japan For Jesus

Many missionaries and Christian leaders say that Japan is a difficult place and write it off spiritually as if there is no hope.  I have heard them describe it as a place that eats up missionaries and spits them out, a spiritual stronghold, a place controlled by darkness.  Many have given up hope for Japan.  God will work in Japan, just as He works in any other country.  Through us! 

There are approximately 127 million people in the nation.  Only about 200,000 regularly go to a church (excluding Roman Church).  On Sundays, the average church only has about 25 people in attendance with the majority of the people over 40 years old.  What is the problem in Japan?  We are not getting out and telling people about Jesus.  What can we do to reach Japan for Jesus?

1) Don’t fear! Tell people around you that they need Jesus, both Japanese and international folks!
Japanese Christians are few because most of them have not heard about Jesus.

2) Focus on youth, young families
We must focus on the next generation.

3) Pray for boldness for yourself and hunger for more of God. If you are saved and filled with the Spirit you are empowered.

4) Be relevant not religious.  The world is better off without religious people.  Show your relationship with the Almighty God and what God is doing in your life.

5) Get out and be where people are and where they are open.
Sitting in a church building will do nothing.  We have to get out to the coffee shops, the shopping areas, the restaurants and tell everyone we know about what Jesus has done for us.

Japan is the key to Asia. Japanese are created just like the rest of us.  People who tell you that God has to do something to change Japan are sorely mistaken. It is not some special darkness in Japan, God has hardened their hearts, Japan is blocked because of their history… all this points to God.  The Word says “God is no respecter of persons”.  That means He loves all people.  He says in His Word.
“…This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” – 1 Tim 2: 3, 4
Let’s forget the excuses of Japan being different or something else.  Let’s tell people about Jesus.  You and I will change this nation.

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