God Showed His Heart For Christian School Students At Victory Sunday

God Showed His Heart For Christian School Students At Victory Sunday

Weeks ago, Pastor Spencer was led by the Lord to teach on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Pastor has been teaching on faith, word of knowledge, word of wisdom and prophecy so far. Today, pastor taught us about discerning of spirits. We must understand that we are spirit beings and there is a whole realm of things going on around us that we can’t see.

Before the service, several men spoke independently about the trouble with sending kids to Christian schools. Students are forced to participate in spiritually dead chapel services and taught by people about the things of God, who have not experienced the gifts of the Spirit in their lives. No one else knew about these chats. Following the Bible teaching, God showed pastor that several people needed to deal with their bad habits and needed to cut off the sin.

At the end of the service Pastor Mariko came forward and called for those who had attended or were attending Christian schools to come forward for prayer as their was much spiritual damage that needed to be reversed. Then a guest from Australia was called forward to pray for them. On stage, the guest revealed she was a former Christian school teacher. God had His hand on the service. She was nearly terminated by her school in Australia three times because she allowed her students to seek the Lord with all they had. The students were so hungry for God that they didn’t want to go to the playground but wanted to stay in the classrooms and hear about the things of God she shared.

The prayer time continued and the Catholic and Christian school students were touched visibly as some fell, shook where they stood, or just laid on the floor soaking God’s presence.

In the closing, Pastor shared how God had ordered the service. Men were talking about damage caused by Christian schools on people thinking they knew God when they didn’t, separately Mariko called up students not knowing about these earlier discussions, and a former Christian school teacher was asked to pray for the students and former students who came forward. God’s hand was on the service despite none of us knowing about these things until the end.

People got personal prophecies and direction as the gifts of God’s Holy Spirit operated freely this Sunday. Truly, we desire more of the Holy Spirit gifts to operate at our church. Praise His Name!

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