Victory is known for great worship through powerful music and the presence of God strongly in our meetings.  Victory is a Japan-based church where people can really refresh with a touch of God each Sunday.

From this Sunday, we'll continue the great fellowship and worship but we're starting something special.

Victory Kids Church Starts!

We are pleased to announce from this Sunday, 9 November we have a dedicated space for kids church.  

Have you got kids or family members that you want to bring to church.  Now is your chance!

1100AM Sunday Celebration with live house Victory Band

1130AM Message/Testamonies (and more!) for adults and Victory Kids Starts (Approximate time)

1230PM Closing

Our children are our future.  We are excited about having church for our kids to play games, learn Bible truths, meet other kids, and enjoy other activities.

It all starts this Sunday and Victory Kids Church will continue each week!  

Bring your kids!  You can even bring neighbor kids.