At Victory Word Church, we talk a lot about faith.  We know it is important to have faith as a believer as the Bible says without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 12:6).  We want to please God.

What is faith?  Faith is setting your expectations according to God’s Word.  Its a new year and time to make sure we have set our expectations properly for the year.

At Victory, we used to pray and be surprised when we got an answer to prayer.  VWC has grown and our core of people hungry for God has grown.  Now we surprised if we don’t see an answer to prayer.  Glory to the Awesome Father we serve!

With this new year, let’s make sure we set our expectations right.  What are you believing for?  A new job?  A spouse? A breakthrough so your family comes to Jesus? A replacement to that unreliable car you have?  The funds to visit your family in that far away country?  A better school for your kids?  An increase in your sales for your company?  Help on doing better in your coursework at school?  Direction for raising your kids?

God wants to work in your life.  God works through your faith.  Jesus told many people who were healed when they came to Him, your faith has made you well.  Again, He said, “YOUR FAITH has made YOU well”.

In this new year, set your faith right.  Find the promise for your situation in the Bible and stand on that.  Believe on it.  Pray for it based on the Word, then talk about it every time you think of it and how you have it.  That’s expectation.  That’s faith.

What are you expecting in the New Year?  You will have what you say (Mark 11:22-25).